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<div class="fontall"><span><p><strong>RentalPro is easy-to-use multifamily rental management system you can access anytime from anywhere in the world on any internet-connected device. RentalPro streamlines your rental property management.</strong></p> <h3>Why RentalPro?</h3> <ul> <li>Steamlines your rental property management</li> <li>Set up and manages your property in a few east steps</li> <li>Provides efficient rent collection and reporting</li> <li>Dedicated tenant portal increases tenant satisfaction</li> <li>Automated emails and text notifications helps you communicate more effectively with tenant and maintenance staff</li> <li>Gives you 24/7 global access to your information</li> </ul> <h3>RentalPro Features</h3> <ul> <li>Cloud-based rental property management on Force.com</li> <li>No software to install</li> <li>New features available seamlessly without installing upgrades</li> <li>No additional hardware required</li> <li>Manage your rental properties from anywhere on any internet-connected device: computer, tablet, smart phone</li> <li>Low total cost to own</li> <li>View unit and other related summary information from the same screen</li> <li>Capture all the unit-related details (number, size, type, base rent, features) from one screen</li> <li>Post rent with a few easy clicks</li> <li>Effectively manage tenant issues in one central repository</li> <li>Monitor key performance indicators from management portal</li> <li>Scalable to meet your needs</li> </ul> <p> </p> <h3>PM Portal</h3> <p>Your agency would need to get information-based views on your rent collection, tenants, maintenance, units, and property data; you would also need to get a quick look at Key Performance Indicators for your agency like, rent collection till date, maintenance requests in process, or total number of units occupied or vacant. "PM Portal" brings a powerful reporting platform, a series of dynamic charts with your Key Performance Indicators, and much more.</p> <ul> <li>"PM Portal" is a must have management tool for management and property managers</li> <li>It is available 24/7 through internet connected computer or iPad</li> <li>Right on home screen, a chart with monthly rent collection, a pie chart showing the progress of maintenance requests, and another bar chart with total number of rented units, give you a quick look at key performance indicators for your agency</li> <li>A potential tenant either walks in, or your property manager is on phone handling enquiry and would like to take a quick look at available units or units that will be vacant in a month, no problem, just with a click they can take a look at "Occupancy Chart"</li> <li>Occupancy Chart is a color coded graphical presentation of all the units within a property</li> <li>Move in Move out Checklist feature of this portal allows onsite inspection of a unit through internet connected iPad. This feature reduces the paper work by electronically saving the checklist and increases the efficiency of your staff by eliminating the redundant paper work</li> <li>A high level of tenant satisfaction can be achieved by effectively taking care of your tenant's concern. PM portal brings you a dedicated section for effectively logging, modifying, viewing, and closing tenant requests</li> <li>Maintenance section allows your staff to create new maintenance requests, view and take action on maintenance requests submitted by tenants through tenant portal, assign a technician, change the status of the request, and finally log the notes and close the request</li> <li>"Reporting" brings you a set of management reports organized by "Property", "Unit", "Tenant", "Rent", and "Maintenance" categories</li> <li>While running a report, you can set different filter criteria to view the data based on your specific needs</li> <li>"Reporting" gets you options for printing a report on printer or to exporting and saving your report data in various electronic file formats</li> <li>"Management Tools" is a set of options for managing your tenant portal users, managing technicians for tech app, and much more</li> </ul> <p> </p> <h3>Tech App</h3> <p>You need to get your field representatives working on tenant concerns as soon as possible regardless of where they are to optimize your response time to tenant concerns.</p> <ul> <li>RentalPro "TechApp" is a seamless way to notify your filed maintenance staff of an incoming maintenance request</li> <li>It enables real time notification of a maintenance request to an assigned field staff and prompts them to take an action</li> <li>With just one tap technicians can browse a list of all open maintenance requests</li> <li>With another tap they can browse the details - including, unit address, tenant name, tenant's contact number, a short description of the request, and the severity of the issue</li> <li>Allows technicians to either set an appointment time for maintenance with the tenant or reschedule the appointment for a later time</li> <li>They can update the maintenance request in real time with a few taps after the work has been performed</li> <li>Perhaps a maintenance request may prompt to order a new part; again it takes one tap to change the status of maintenance request to "On hold" or to "Closed" if the task is completed</li> <li>With a couple of taps, they can browse all the maintenance requests closed in past 30 days</li> <li>TechApp enables your field technicians to be more efficient and helps you alleviate your tenant's satisfaction</li> </ul> <p> </p> <h3>Tenant Portal</h3> <p>Tenant satisfaction and timely rent collection are two major aspects of your business. Higher level of tenant satisfaction would increase the occupancy rate and on time rent collection would keep your financials in good health. "Tenant Portal" brings you a platform to meet these goals.</p> <ul> <li>"Tenant Portal" is a branded portal for your tenants</li> <li>Tenants can log on to their user account from anywhere on internet-connected computer or iPad</li> <li>You can feed your branded news and announcements, and promotional items right on tenant's home page</li> <li>In a few easy steps, they can report an issue, or review the progress of previously reported issue</li> <li>Tenant Portal is integrated with payment gateways for online rent collection. Tenants can pay their monthly rent online using their credit card</li> <li>Rent history feature of this portal allows tenants to view their rent payment history, browse the details of a particular payment and if they wish it also allows them to print a copy for their records</li> </ul> <p>For more details visit - <a href="http://www.rentalprosite.com">http://www.rentalprosite.com</a></p> </span></div>


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